cameo apples at the market

Nothing better than a good farmer’s market.


Kind of random, but the farmer’s market near work is in the parking lot of a shopping mall. It’s every Thursday, but ends next week for the season. It was a little spare today vendor-wise, but I went looking for a good deal on some local, fresh apples. And, of course, it was a success.


During apple season my go-to are Honeycrisp. They’re crunchy, crispy and sweet. Plus, we’re from Apple land, and our apples are huge. Today I didn’t see any deals on Honeycrisp so I asked a woman working a farm table what she recommended. She suggested Cameo, which I had never heard of. She even let me try a piece and it was crispier than Honeycrisp and just as sweet. SOLD. Plus, look at that price.


Another go-to of mine is stuffed peppers for an easy, high-protein and filling meal. Normally I’ll use quoina, black beans and some fat-free/skim cheese. Last night, when I prepped, I didn’t make quinoa so I only had black beans and cheese stuffed in my pepper to warm up today at work. It was still delicious and to supplement I made a Kale salad with Blueberry Pomegranate dressing, 1/3 cup walnut halves and a sprinkle of fat-free Feta.


Workout today
My body felt tired and sore today at the gym but I tried to make it through a weight-lifting session the best I could.

Bench press 45lb bar 4×8 with bench dips between sets
Incline bench press 45lb bar 2×5
Cable bicep curl 4×8-10
Hammer curl 3×8
Shoulder dumb bell shrug 3×8-10
Dumb bell single-leg deadlift 3×5-8 I swear these are the hardest thing for me to do but I always feel it in my hamstrings and lower back. I can balance fine on my left food but can barely do 2 in a row on my right!


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