shoulder sunday workout

Last night I attended a Going Away party for of friend and her boyfriend. There was a lot of great food like homemade mac n’ cheese, taco dip, wine slushies and sugar cookies frosted as the Korean flag.

As a little gift for the pair I printed a picture of New York State and drew a heart on Rochester, NY so they always remember home and the place they met.


Today I planned on having an off day from the gym, but my brother suggested I go and do a shoulder workout with him. He’s very knowledgeable on fitness and weight lifting so I like working out with him to learn better form and different exercises. Plus when I work out with someone I tend to push myself a little more than if I was alone.

Shoulder workout
-Standing bar press to warm up 3×20 (my shoulders were already burning from his ‘warm up’)
-Seated dumbbell shoulder press superset with dumbbell rear delt row 4×10-12
-Bar upright row superset with frontal dumbbell raises 4×10-20 (20 for upright row)
-Cable side lateral raise superset with Arnold Press 4×5-12 (I had a really hard time doing the cable side lateral so could barely complete 5 each set)
-Dumbbell side lateral raises supersetted with bent over read deltoid raise 4×10
-Face pulls and overhead 25lb weight plate press

Here’s images of what some of these exercises look like from my Full Fitness iPhone app

Arnold Press

Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Bar upright row

Dumbbell side lateral raises

What are supersets?
Supersets is doing two exercises, one after the other, with minimal rest in between all sets. You can do them with exercises focusing on the same muscle group or different ones.

Read about some reasons supersets are a great technique to adapt into your workout regime.


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