’tis the season for cider

Overnight we got hit with the first “real” snowfall of the season. I think we got a few inches, and the temperature today was frigid with a high of 26°!


This AM I hit the gym (weird to think I was at a party there last night).

I started with some legs.
-3X6 squats (65lb) supersetted with 20 calf raises (machine)
-switched to 85lb squats for the last 2X6 supersetted with 20 stair calf raises
-2X6 deadlifts (85lb) supersetted with 2X8 quad machine curls


And ended with some chest, shoulders.
-4×8 standing high cable crossover supersetted with 15 overhead weight plate press (25lb)
-finished lightly with 3×10 side lateral raise (7.5 dumb bells)

Today I met my family at our family friends’ annual Cider Making party. This is one of the best parties of the years. It’s held on their farmland, in their barn. Everyone brings an empty jug to fill up with cider, that’s made throughout the party, and take home. So delicious.

There’s also a ton of food and treats. The hostess is a wonderful baker so I love eating her baked goods! This party really encompasses all things Fall and holiday-related and I absolutely love it.






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