It’s about time I put some pen to paper, err, fingers to keyboard. My relationship — yes relationship — with food and fitness has evolved many times since I graduated from college and started living the twenty-something-year-old dream.

I actively follow many fit and food blogs and my interest in both areas continues to grow. I’ve practiced and examined many trendy, fad diets out of both pure interest and the yearn to feel better physically. My bouts with exercise has also gone in several different directions many times including cardio-heavy, HIIT (high intensity intervals), boot camp, yoga, barre, pilate and weight-lifting.

What I’ve found that works best for me is heavy on the veggies, and other unprocessed foods, high protein and a mix of various other foods and processed treats in low doses.

Two ideas around food that irk me are:
The notion of clean eating
Defining foods as GOOD and BAD

Perhaps they’re hot buttons because they’ve worked against me in my journey to health and happiness. I’m not certified, educated (outside of Nutrition 101), or identify myself as an expert in any of the topics discussed in this blog.

I’ll use this blog as a place to document my day-to-day life and experiences, talk about food, health and fitness and hopefully learn even more about these topics from my readers even more about those topics.

Philly art museum

Wisconsin Goat

100 Days

Kate Zac Brown Band


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