chia seed breakfast pudding

Chia seeds have been dubbed the ‘It’ food of 2013, according to this article from ABC News. They’ve been in stores for a while but just started gaining popularity the past few years and you can now find them in many forms, including chia seed butters/spreads and chia bars.

So what are the benefits of chia seeds, and why should we incorporate them into our diet?

High in fiber. The seeds actually expand in your stomach, making you feel more full. In 1oz (2.75tbs) of chia seeds, you’ll get a serving of 10g dietary fiber. If you’re new to try the seed, take it slow as the high fiber may upset your stomach.
Protein. A 1oz. serving offers almost 5g of protein.
One of the highest sources of omega 3 fats. These fats are found in other foods like salmon, flax seeds and walnuts. Omega 3 acids maintain fluidity in cell membranes, reduce inflammation, improve the body’s ability to insulin properly and keeps blood from clotting.

Overnight Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding
-1/2 cup almond milk (or any time of milk)
-2 tbs chia seeds
-1/2tsp. vanilla extract
-1 packet sweetener (Stevia, Truvia, etc.)

Place in a container with a lid in your fridge overnight. What comes out the next morning is a bit of an odd, jelly pudding. But I promise it’s good! Mess around with different flavoring to see how you can tweak it. Taralynn from Undressed Skeleton made an eggnog flavored chia pudding!




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