fab food find: cookie butter

Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter? If not, you’ve been missing out.

I’ve read about this product before, and it’s addictive nature. I got to experience that myself first-hand after buying a jar at Trader Joe’s. This stuff is so popular that there was a shortage of it over the summer and customers were capped at 2 jars per person, per visit.

It tastes exactly like ground up Biscotti cookies from the airplanes. The addictive quality is definitely there and I probably won’t get another jar just because it’s so easy to eat by the spoonful.


Cookie Butter is not very nutrient dense with 6g fat, 8g carb and zero protein per tbls. But you can eat just one tablespoon!? Not me …

The flavors are traditional Cookie Butter and Cocoa Swirl.

I ate mine by the spoonful (ugh), topped on rice cakes, and I tried it on a banana (not good — better by the spoonful). I also made a few Cookie Butter quesadillas on some low-carb Trader Joe’s tortillas. Amazing.

Give it a try if you dare, or at least have some sort of self control (not me).

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s or Speculoos. All opinions in this post are my own.